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2020 Advent / Christmas Page

Because of the Pandemic, Fr. Pete is offering the following video resources for your consideration as his "Christmas Present" to the folks at the Border Towns. May you have a safe and blessed Advent & Christmas Season!







Daily Advent Reflections

Preparing Our Hearts Miracles Abound A New Light Shines
A World Full of Promise   Abundancia de Milagros


Advent Reflection #1 - The Three Callings


The reflection is entitled, “The Three Callings,” based on the manner in which the Christian mothers of our communities reflect the example of our Blessed Mother and her response to the Archangel Gabriel in Luke 1. Thanks to everyone who modeled the life of faith that inspired Fr. Pete in his own ministry.


Advent Reflection #2 -

The Calling of the Christian Couple



The reflection is entitled, “The Calling of the Christian Couple,” reflecting on the importance that the Catholic mother and father play within the "Domestic Church," often unrecognized by the community at large but essential in forming the lives of the most sacred gifts that the Lord has given us - the children of the next generation.



Fr. Pete's Christmas Reflection entitled, "Mary's Song."

This reflection is called "Mary's Song," a simple hymn based on the Blessed Mother's wonderful response to the call of Gabriel in Luke 1 and her subsequent response that serves as the prototype in which all those of good will should live.


Fr. Pete's Christmas Song entitled, "A Child's Christmas Fanfare."

Inspired by Christmas Nativity plays offered throughout the world in Catholic parishes and schools, Sr. Joan O'Reilly and the students of St. James Catholic School in Savannah, GA were kind enough to provide their 2016 Nativity Play as part of this project.


Fr. Pete's Christmas Reflection entitled, "Family."

Fr. Pete took pictures from the various places he ministered, as well as "classic" photos from the parishes he serves, to produce this video about the importance of supporting our family, our community and certainly God. Thanks to everyone who modeled the life of faith that inspired Fr. Pete in his own ministry.



Fr. Pete's Children's Christmas Video, "The Polar Bear Parade."

Fr. Pete chose to write this song as part of his Youth Ministry work at the parishes he served early in his priesthood. Featuring the parishioners of St. Patrick's and St. Anne's Churches in the Kankakee Border Towns!


Fr. Pete's Children's Christmas Video, "The Christmas Train."

In an effort to bring a little Christmas Cheer to the folks at the border town parishes, Fr. Pete Jankowski took some of his hand-written Christmas music (even priests need a hobby - even if they are lousy at doing it!) and found a Christmas train video to which he attached the music, based on his childhood memories.