St. Anne Novena

From the National Shrine of St. Anne Church - St. Anne, IL

2022 St. Anne Novena

For the 142nd time in the parish's history, hundreds of faithful came to pray at St. Anne's Pavilion and Shrine to venerate a relic that has healed so many good souls in the parish's history. Click below to view all the pics!!!


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On this FIRST day of the Novena, Fr. Pete preaches abouty the primary importance of building a prayer life with God. As members of the Body of Christ in local communities, that prayer life must result in serving those around us in God's name - Mary's prayer must result in Martha's work.

On this SECOND Day of the St. Anne Novena... Fr. Pete speaks about the importance of the miraculous healing the relic of St. Anne has offered in the history of this relic. In his homily, Fr. Pete highlights the stories of faith and healing in today's homily.

Celebrated at the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto at St. Patrick's Church (Momence), In his homily on THIRD Day of the Novena, Fr. Pete speaks about the need to treat each person as a sacred person created by God and part of the "Body of Christ," whether the person we encounter accepts this understanding or not.

Celebrated at the Grotto of the Camino y Esperanza Retreat Center in St. Anne, IL on the FOURTH Day of the Novena, Fr. Pete speaks about how evangelization must model the farming methods of the First Century and the current Third World Farmers - by throwing the seed liberally wherever we can to produce thirty, sixty and a hundredfold.

At the St. Anne Chapel (St. Anne's Church & Shrine), Fr. Pete preaches at the FIFTH Day of this Novena about the need to stay true to the gospel message and follow God's path or whether we dedide to abandon God and go forward on our own.

Celebrated at the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto at St. Patrick's Church (Momence), In his homily on SIXTH Day of the Novena, Fr. Pete references his trip to the Holy Land with pilgrims from the Border Town who walked the steps of Jesus and focused on the importance of prayer in Jesus' life... and ours!!!

On this SEVENTH Day of the Novena (celebrated at the Pavilion of St. Anne's Church - St. Anne, IL), Fr. Pete speaks about the way society forms the individual, as opposed to the manner which God or a Catholic parent would. As referenced by Morrie Schwartz ("Tuesdays with Morrie"), "Don't let society dictate your culture - you dictate your own!"

On this EIGHTH Day of the St. Anne Novena, Fr. Pete stresses the importance of LIVING the Our Father Prayer rather than just praying it. The Our Father can be the most uplifting or daming prayers that we can say, depending on how seriously we take our relationship with God. This Mass is celebrated at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Grotto at the Camino y Esperanza Retreat House in St. Anne, IL.

On this NINTH Day of the St. Anne Novena, Fr. Pete talks about the importance of HUMILITY, which serves as the foundation for our prayer life. It was through Jesus humbling himself on the cross that the apostles learned this lesson of faith, passed on to bishops who are to model that same type of life.

On the actual FEAST DAY OF SS. JOACHIM & ANNE ON JULY 26TH, Fr. Pete references a poem to "The Mother of the Madonna," by Rev. Matthew Russell, SJ, the first editor of "The Irish Monthly" periodical that reflects on the role of grandmothers in our life. Fr. Pete offers a special "Prayer for Special Favor" and a "Blessing to Grandparents" at this Online Mass as well.

Fr. Pete celebrates a Traditional Latin Mass for the faithful on St. Anne's Feast Day inside the church building - July 26, 2021

This is the homily that Fr. Pete offered at the Traditional Latin Mass on St. Anne's Feast Day inside the church building - July 26, 2021

This is the Homily that Fr. Pete offered at the Outdoor Novena Mass in Honor of St. Anne (in ENGLISH) on July 26, 2020.

This is the Homily that Fr. Pete offered at the Outdoor Novena Mass in Honor of St. Anne (in SPANISH) on July 26, 2020.


On this last day of the St. Anne Novena from July 26, 2021, Fr. Pete shares videos from the celebration of July 26, 2020 (including his homily), as well as the stories of faith about families in the faith (especially grandmothers) who inspired Fr. Pete to offer ministry in the country as a Catholic priest.


With the assistance of the parishioners from the National Shrine of St. Anne, Fr. Pete Jankowski offers these NINE Masses as part of the annual Novena. Fr. Pete celebrates this Mass at the St. Anne Chapel (230 N. Sixth Ave. - St. Anne, IL 60964) on behalf of those who are not able to attend the Novena celebrations at the parish.


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Here are the highlights of the THREE Masses and activities that took place on St. Anne's Feast Day at the First National Shrine in the United States - St. Anne's Church in St. Anne, IL. Thanks to Bob Thompson for the pics and to Fr. Jason Nesbit, CSV (Homilist at the 10:00 Mass), Fr. Don Wehnert, CSV, Fr. Moises Mesh, CSV and Fr. John Peeters, CSV (Homilist at the 2:00 Mass) for joining us at this celebration. Thanks to everyone who helped make this event such a spirit-filled on for the 500+ faithful who came to pray with us!!! CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL THE PICS!!!



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Knights of Columbus were among those taking part in the procession in this view, probably photographed in the 1950s. St. Anne Church is visible in the background. Photos courtesy of the Kankakee County Museum.

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of the St. Anne Novena (Long Version)

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A portion of the crowd taking part in the St. Anne Day procession around 1900. As seen in this photo, the majority of the pilgrims were women. Kankakee County Museum Photo Archive

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St. Anne's Day Homily from July 26, 2019! 


Lord God, as Joachim & Anne served as the model of being good parents to the Blessed Mother and as holy grandparents to Jesus, we ask you to bless these grandparents in our own community. May they truly offer their love, their faith and the hope of a bright future to those in our community to be good role models in the faith so that whatever they do word and in work they always do in the name of the Lord through Christ our Lord. Amen.



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St. Anne's Day Prayer for Special Favor


Good St. Anne, I come to you with confidence because of your compassion for those who suffer and are afflicted. The effects of your goodness and power felt by those who honor you and seek God’s favor through your intercession are well known. Hear my prayer and intercede for me before our gracious God. (Pause here and state your special intention.)

Good St. Anne, I ask you to intercede for me in my need and obtain for me the grace I seek according to God’s will for me and my good known to him alone. Pray for me until I experience his response to my prayers according to Jesus’ own words: “Ask and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Above all obtain for me the grace of constant faithfulness to God so that, along with you and Mary and all Saints, I may rejoice in his presence forever. R/. Amen.


The Hymn

to St. Anne

Sung to, “Immaculate Mary”


To kneel at your altar, in faith we draw near, led onward by Mary, your daughter sodear.


R/.  O good St. Anne, we call on your name, your praises loud your children proclaim!


To all who invoke you, their prayers you do hear, you soothest the sorrow of all who draw near. R/.


The sailor, the traveler, whom storms make afraid, find safety and calm when they call on your aid. R/.


The weary, despondent, or sorrowful here, find help in their sadness, a balm for each tear. R/.


The sick, the afflicted, the lame, and the blind, the suffering, the erring, all solace here find. R/.


As pilgrims we come here to kneel at your feet, O grant what we ask you, if for us ‘tis meet. R/.


St. Anne, we implore you to hear this our prayer, in time of temptation, take us in your care R/.


In this life obtain for us that which is best and bring us at last to our heavenly rest. R/.


Himno a

Santa Ana

(de la canción, “Del Cielo ha Bajado”)


Entramos al altar de su Salvador

el nieto Mesías, regalo de amor.


R/.   O buena Sant-Ana, abuelita

y su santa hija, Virgen María.


Hablamos su nombre y damos la paz y muestra su hija la cara de faz. R/.


Los marineros en el mar torrencial encuentran su calma muy asistencial. R/.


Sufridos, enfermos y tristes oran

a calmar sus almas en tiempos lloran. R/.


Los peregrinos viajan a Orán

a venerar su reliquia en afán. R/.


Santa Ana pedimos, escucha la oración en tentaciones guíanos a sanación. R/.


Obtennos la gracia, la que es mejor ayúdanos a encontrar al salvador. R/.


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