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St. Anne Novena

From the National Shrine of St. Anne Church - St. Anne, IL


The theme of this Mass is the holiness of Mary and her mother, in light of the destruction of Mary statues throughout the country, especially in the parish Fr. Pete previously served.

Fr. Pete offers a stark message by St. Augustine about the manner in which the ordained and religious are ministering to the flock and whether these holy men and women are acting like wheat or weeds in the garden of faith.

The theme of this Mass focuses on the plight of those in Iraq today who suffer the same way as those in Nineveh had suffered during the time of Jonah (the day’s gospel reading). The Mass concludes with a hymn from a 37-year-old Chaldean priest who was martyred in Mosul in 2007 for defending and living the faith.

This Mass focuses on Fr. Pete's ministry with the Hispanic community in the area, especially those who attend services in Momence and at the Camino y Esperanza Retreat House in St. Anne, IL

On the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene, this Mass highlights the lives of the Christians who live in the Holy Land, representing less than 1% of the population of those who live in Israel.

This Mass focuses on the theme of "Bible as Story," and the importance of teaching the story of faith to future generations. Included in this homily is the non-canonical gospel story of Ss. Joachim & Anne, the text from which the names of the BVM's parents can be found.

This Mass focuses on the plight of American farmers and the deep faith that those in provincial neighborhoods place in their God and community. Included in this homily is the story of Don Barrie, whose brother and sister-in-law (Ken & Michelle Barrie) serve as Youth Ministers in Kankakee County.

On this Feast of St. James the Apostle, Fr. Pete shares videos of the St. James celebrations at a church in Quechultenango, Mexico (one of the poorest cities in the country) and the importance that this saint plays in the role of the Spanish and Latin American communities.

This is the Homily that Fr. Pete offered at the Outdoor Novena Mass in Honor of St. Anne (in ENGLISH) on July 26, 2020.

This is the Homily that Fr. Pete offered at the Outdoor Novena Mass in Honor of St. Anne (in SPANISH) on July 26, 2020.


On this last day of the St. Anne Novena, Fr. Pete shares videos from last year's celebration (including his homily), as well as the stories of faith about the men and women from the country who inspired Fr. Pete to offer ministry in the country as a Catholic priest.


With the assistance of the parishioners from the National Shrine of St. Anne, Fr. Pete Jankowski offers these NINE Masses as part of the annual Novena. Fr. Pete celebrates this Mass at the St. Anne Chapel (230 N. Sixth Ave. - St. Anne, IL 60964) on behalf of those who are not able to attend the Novena celebrations at the parish.


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Knights of Columbus were among those taking part in the procession in this view, probably photographed in the 1950s. St. Anne Church is visible in the background. Photos courtesy of the Kankakee County Museum.

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A portion of the crowd taking part in the St. Anne Day procession around 1900. As seen in this photo, the majority of the pilgrims were women. Kankakee County Museum Photo Archive

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Lord God, as Joachim & Anne served as the model of being good parents to the Blessed Mother and as holy grandparents to Jesus, we ask you to bless these grandparents in our own community. May they truly offer their love, their faith and the hope of a bright future to those in our community to be good role models in the faith so that whatever they do word and in work they always do in the name of the Lord through Christ our Lord. Amen.



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Novena Information

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Feast of St. Anne

July 26, 2020


9:00 a.m. Outdoor English Mass with Procession and Veneration of Relic Following Mass


11:00 a.m. Outdoor English Mass with Procession and Veneration of Relic Following Mass


1:00 p.m. Procession of Relic from the Camino y Esperanza Retreat House


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St. Anne's Day Prayer for Special Favor


Good St. Anne, I come to you with confidence because of your compassion for those who suffer and are afflicted. The effects of your goodness and power felt by those who honor you and seek God’s favor through your intercession are well known. Hear my prayer and intercede for me before our gracious God. (Pause here and state your special intention.)

Good St. Anne, I ask you to intercede for me in my need and obtain for me the grace I seek according to God’s will for me and my good known to him alone. Pray for me until I experience his response to my prayers according to Jesus’ own words: “Ask and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Above all obtain for me the grace of constant faithfulness to God so that, along with you and Mary and all Saints, I may rejoice in his presence forever. R/. Amen.


The Hymn

to St. Anne

Sung to, “Immaculate Mary”


To kneel at your altar, in faith we draw near, led onward by Mary, your daughter sodear.


R/.  O good St. Anne, we call on your name, your praises loud your children proclaim!


To all who invoke you, their prayers you do hear, you soothest the sorrow of all who draw near. R/.


The sailor, the traveler, whom storms make afraid, find safety and calm when they call on your aid. R/.


The weary, despondent, or sorrowful here, find help in their sadness, a balm for each tear. R/.


The sick, the afflicted, the lame, and the blind, the suffering, the erring, all solace here find. R/.


As pilgrims we come here to kneel at your feet, O grant what we ask you, if for us ‘tis meet. R/.


St. Anne, we implore you to hear this our prayer, in time of temptation, take us in your care R/.


In this life obtain for us that which is best and bring us at last to our heavenly rest. R/.


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